Recent progress in computational design and structural analysis allows reverse engineering of biologically active antigens from broadly neutralizing antibodies.
Our scientists are world leaders in the field and experts in epitope-focused design and optimization of antigens with in silico computational and in vitro directed evolution methods. Multivalent display of these antigens on nanoparticles and carrier proteins allows the immediate development of vaccine candidates. Our first antigen is an RSV epitope scaffold eliciting broadly neutralizing antibodies and ready for licensing. Our research is focusing initially on influenza, metapneumovirus, and additional RSV epitopes. The available structural data on many antiviral neutralizing antibodies allows immediate work on many other viral epitopes.

We have developed a proprietary recombinant, self-assembling
nanoparticle platform for our engineered antigens, allowing the development
of our own vaccine candidates.

In addition to vaccine design, we have two pathways to develop novel antibody therapeutics.

First, our antigens represent also a unique tool to discover high affinity antibodies. We have discovered in macaques high affinity antibodies against our RSV epitope scaffold that are up to fourteen times more potent than Synagis® and are currently being humanized.

Second, we can engineer antibodies directly, employing similar computational and directed evolution methods we have developed for vaccine design.

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