• Computational Antigen & Antibody Engineering

    Reverse engineering of biologically active antigens from
    neutralizing antibodies allows the development of new
    vaccine candidates.

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  • Computational Antigen & Antibody Engineering

    Our scientists are world leaders in the field of
    structural analysis and computational design
    of antigens and antibodies.

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  • Computational Antigen & Antibody Engineering

    We are focusing on respiratory tract infections
    and creating a class of vaccines with development
    and marketing synergies.

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Overall strategy

Our objective is to become the leading source of engineered antigens, the key components of future vaccines against viral infections.


We will create a world-class vaccine company by leveraging the strong technical and managerial expertise of our founders and breakthrough proprietary technology.

Intellectual property

Our focus is on composition of matter patents with extensive international coverage and we are building intellectual property on engineered antigens that do not exist in nature.